What I don’t write about here

Because this blog was related to work originally, and still is to some degree, I am specifically staying away from certain topics. They are the big three. Religion, Politics, and Sports. It’s very interesting to me that these still are the big nasties when it comes to open dialog and discussion. We can talk about just about anything except these three things. Actually, I stay away from sports because I am just not that adamant about it. Nothing against it, just don’t care that much to get all riled up. I may make the odd reference to certain beliefs, but only as a clarification of another point. It is not there to create controversy. That’s not the point of this blog. If you remember, this is a demonstration blog for someone who needed to see how a blog operated. In the range of things to do on a company blog, staying away from unnecessary controversy is pretty high on the list. The other reason is that I just don’t want to. There is so much division and derision when speaking on these topics that I don’t think that it is useful anymore. I am not trying to go down the middle here. I am in full-on avoidance. Pretty wimpy, I guess. I can live with that. Tom

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