Yes, I know computers. Please leave me alone.

I am an IT guy. I have been for almost 25 years. I’m good at it. I like computers most of the time. I hate computers some of the time. But I don’t like your computer at all.

Let me explain. If an aquaintance / friend / relative / loved one has a computer question or problem, they have no compunction at all about asking for help. That, in itself, may be acceptable.

Here’s the rub. Once I answer one question, give one suggestion, offer any help at all – I have become their tech guy and now I “own” every problem their computer ever had, has now, or will have until the end of its’ useful life. And sometimes past that, if they take any files from the computer I helped them with and put it on a new one.

I get enough of this at work. They pay me to own problems. I don’t need it at home.

You should see what happens. It used to be if that if you were meeting a bunch of new people in a room, that if you found an MD, they would get all these questions about this ailment or that disease. Now everyone skips right by the doctors and picks on me.

Oh, joy.

I have gotten to the point where I tell people that I just can’t answer their questions and I tell them why. Some people understand and some don’t. They think I am being rude and obnoxious.

That’s better than them asking for help for free. Either way, the relationship is not going to be a good one. At least if they think I’m rude, I haven’t had to take any calls at midnight from them in a panic because their printer doesn’t work – and that has actually happened.


Now I can’t eat without being a traitor

Remember when you could just go to the supermarket and buy food? Now, it’s a maze of environmental decisions that you can’t possibly come out of as a winner.

First, it was no processed foods, then it had to be all fresh foods, then it was organic foods. Now that’s not even good enough. You have to know the source and relative distance of everything you buy. At the moment, it has to be local grown, certified organic. Next, only home grown will be good enough. Home grown, certified organic, native species, macrobiotic, vegan, no animal was harmed, the land was asked nicely before being harvested, food.

Oh, I give up. Where’s the McDonald’s around here? I just want to eat.


The Environmental Movement and lightbulbs

One of the big problems I have (and have always had) with the environmental movement is their crazy, wacko stridency. On the facts, they can win just about any debate on what we are doing to our planet, but they just can’t stop there. They have to go that one step further that just drives people crazy and away from the goals.

For instance, let’s take incandenscent lightbulbs. I have basically replaced 80% of the lighting in my house from incan lightbulbs to compact flourescents. It actually provides closer to 90% of the lighting. Now, this is a great step. It saves me a ton of money, and I don’t have to get really upset when my son leaves a light on.

I live in California. The local electric utility (SCE) has sponsored the sales of these lightbulbs at various times through subsidizing the cost at local hardware stores. When they do that, I stock up (as much as one needs to with these lamps.)

Here’s the kicker. Some legislative idiot in Sacramento wrote a bill basically outlawing incandescent lightbulbs in 5 years. Why, why, why do they continue to do such things? This really hurts more than it helped. Luckily, it never made it out of committee, but everyone who has doubts was able to just lambast this to no end.


What This is All About

I have been thinking a lot recently on where we are and where we are going as a people and as a culture. Oh, no, not another one of THOSE blogs…

Pretty much, yes.

These post will range from personal to cultural to random stuff.